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DTG Kiosk Printer – T-Shirt Printing / Garment Printer

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8 thoughts on “DTG Kiosk Printer – T-Shirt Printing / Garment Printer

  1. Everyone complains about fading with inks. Id rather print then heat press vinyl but yet i never had a problem with heat pressed vinyl. Wont fade. wont come off as long as you press it with enough heat a pressure.

  2. i can not send email to you. please drop a message to my email: or add my skype nick: lulo6691. Thanks

  3. Nothing like taking 8 minutes to print 2 t-shirts…

  4. que vale una de estas? soy de Guatemala! gracias!

  5. cuanto es el costo de la maquina comunicarse

  6. where can i buy that machine and how much? pls reply on my email accnt,…

  7. they fade a little when you wash them for the first time I think, at least mine did. After that it remained as it was. But don't leave it on the sun, my friend had a bad experience, when colors on his shirt just changed, almost like he would have inverted them in photoshop=D

  8. Can you wash the T-Shirt afterwards with no fading?

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