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DTG Kiosk 3

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9 thoughts on “DTG Kiosk 3

  1. My Whites never look that good,. What does the White fuzziness button do ?

  2. There have been several new DTG Printer models since the one pictured here. Go to the ColDesi website for more information.

  3. na palla

  4. how much does that cost nowadays? mail me

  5. i thought this printer could do a one pass white and colour print?

  6. lol, ok I asked that question at about white being a base coat at about 1:30 before watching the whole video.
    will one of these printers be reliable enough to start a t-shirt shop doing shirts to order for my daughter or would she need two in case of break downs?

  7. Is the white ink needed as a base coat on colored prints?

  8. Are these US made?

  9. @quepasaconmiraza Call me at 877-793-3278 Ext 112 or email me
    @ Thank you

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