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DSLR Booth PRO Full Software Review – Professional Photo Booth

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11 thoughts on “DSLR Booth PRO Full Software Review – Professional Photo Booth

  1. Can you put the link of the FULL Version of DSLRBOOTH? Thank you!

  2. Jesus did. you sound like you're bored out of your fucking mind. I literally started to fall asleep watching this. Also, if you're doing a review, like review it. you don't have to go through the minutia of every little detail and folder step by step

  3. hey robo! do you have a link for that software? it was good…

  4. hi, could you help me with a link to download a Photoshop template for DSLR booth?

  5. Thank you for the review!

  6. Minute 6:46: This option does not appear to place the photo in the background or forward. Can you help me? Tks

  7. how did you connect ur camera

  8. Dude, wth

  9. what camera are using? i have a D3100.

  10. can you make templates on this software, like frames? I am trying to start my own photo booth but don't know if this would be a good software or that kind of business

  11. Sorry, I switched off after ten seconds, can't put up with the false whispering voice, plus why race your commentary? combine the two and you get bye bye from me.

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