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DRIVECLUB – Retail Kiosk Trailer

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16 thoughts on “DRIVECLUB – Retail Kiosk Trailer

  1. This is a game whit balls, huge balls , not like forza which is for gays

  2. I really can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why are the colors so muted? This game is boring to look at!

  4. love this song

  5. why is it always either 30 fps or 60fps?? Why cant they cap at 45 fps or a random number like 53 fps ???? anyone??

  6. cant wait

  7. They need a new burnout for next gen

  8. Graphically, Driveclub looks better than Forza 5's cars and the environment… imo.

  9. Give me the name of the song and you can have my ps4 pre-order 🙂 

  10. Forza 5, NFS rivals,Gt 6 and #DriveClub fuck yhea this year is fantastic 😉

  11. Coolest trailer track ever


  13. show us a GTR!!!!!

  14. What's this song?

  15. Looks pretty shit compared to forza 

  16. this game looks like current gen?!!

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