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Driveclub – Retail Kiosk Trailer

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16 thoughts on “Driveclub – Retail Kiosk Trailer

  1. This game looks sooo bad compared to FM5. And I'm saying that as a potential PS4 buyer.

  2. Hmmm…. If this is trying to compete with Forza, it is screwed. They should tag on some weapons and make it a blur sequel… Then I'd be hyped

  3. Forza wipes its ass with this game.

  4. Forza looks cooler but am still sticking with ps

  5. Forza is a better game for sure, but this game is free. Don't see how people can criticize it. Grow up.

  6. PS4 7 days b****ez!!!

  7. Still can't believe they didn't make Gran Turismo 6 a PS4 title…

  8. Looks better than forza 0.0

  9. Can't wait something different instead of the same old round and round the same circuit racing games.

  10. Forza FTW !!

  11. Охуенно

  12. Coulour seems flat compared to forza, the lighting in forza makes it appear more 3d

  13. I like the concept of Drive Club team based racing it looks like it's going to be fun and people saying the game looks ugly your being retarded it looks great and comparing a franchise on its 5th game to a brand new game on a systems launch is dumb of course Ford's going to have a edge on graphics lets just wait and see when GT7 comes out when both systems are in there 2nd to 3rd year that's when we can make a fair comparison on graphics

  14. Forza is Great but fan boys shut it both systems kick butt in there own way I prefer GT any day the handling is more realistic then Forza is and Forza is way to Easy I played both series so I am not biased

  15. Xbone fanboys going mad, cuz they don't get the game for free.

  16. Isn't this expose to be next gen?

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