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Doge Store Clerk (Shiba)–Shiba Inu In Tokyo

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11 thoughts on “Doge Store Clerk (Shiba)–Shiba Inu In Tokyo

  1. Your Doggo is so smart

  2. Shibe sells organic cat launchers

  3. "Do you want to buy this cucum……. Oh yeah……. oh yeaah….. that's it….. right there……

  4. What are you, an autistic person or what ?

  5. I will never be as happy as this shoober.

  6. Dog eating a cucumber? Now i have seen everything

  7. it's not like I wanted you to pet me

  8. That shiba is a little piece of heaven.

  9. The more you learn, the more you earn.

  10. Im confused why did doggo bring out cucumber.

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