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Does it Work?- Proactive day 1

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9 thoughts on “Does it Work?- Proactive day 1

  1. Use Turmeric and Biotin instead. Does the same thing only provides huge health benefits as well.

  2. Do you wet the brush?

  3. why my face burns like hell. Is this normal? it feels like I am rubbing a hot pepper on my face.

  4. I'm going threw the same thing hun, I think we have the same type of skin.. When you showed your skin a wk later it looks worse bcuz its drying your acne out your suppose to continue don't use just any type moisturiser and i notice i stop wearing makeup unless i had tonow put moisture around your mouth eye forehead but keep cheeks dry so i can heal

  5. ur still pretty with or without makeup

  6. ok can somebody please tell me how many minutes you put on for each step, cause every video I've been on not helping.

  7. why do you need that? you look gorgeous ..

  8. mam , pls.. i want proactive.

  9. instructions not clear got dick stuck in toaster

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