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DJ Vlog – Making a Phone Charging Kiosk Complicated With Accountability

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8 thoughts on “DJ Vlog – Making a Phone Charging Kiosk Complicated With Accountability

  1. As to having it as an extra service at no additional cost?

    I think that's a great idea. People will remember you even more. Certainly, anything that you can do that will hammer home a positive experience with you will pay off.

    Having such a kiosk in this day in age would be as appreciated as learning CPR. lol

    I like the idea. I don't worry too much about theft because of the security put in place on most devices. And by the way, because you wouldn't charge for this, typically speaking under contract law, you would have no responsibility to the owner of the phone.

  2. it's a great idea. it doesn't need secured

  3. Bryan I know people that are already doing this. They print a sign stating that they are not responsible for your phone. You are basically walking away from the charging table at your own risk. I think that's a great idea from releasing you from liability issues.

  4. make a lockable container so the person who puts his or her phone in the container can lock it up while charging. when removing the phone can return the key. something silly and practical.

  5. I work for a company that actually designs and builds these all ready can charge Upto 10 devices ( on smaller units ) Upto 32 ( on larger units ) each with an individual lock so no one else can take you device just search for zioxi hello locker in google images

  6. Dont worry about the fearful guys. Thank you again and it a GREAT idea. tell the crowd its there to use and they have to keep an eye on it no big deal. I'm starting on a station tonight. I have a bunch of extra charging cables for a bunch of types phones so I was thinking of using them. Cheers man NY here.

  7. meanwhile. lol!

    I work at a nightclub in South Florida that is looking into this.

  8. You're good. Thanks for your idea.

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