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DIY Photo Booth set up with Apps

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13 thoughts on “DIY Photo Booth set up with Apps

  1. Very helpful

  2. for simple booth, are you able to attach zinkhapoy mini printer?

  3. Where do you get the paper film paper?

  4. this is awesome! great video and super helpful! one question: how are you controlling when shots are taken?

  5. Can I use a IPAD 3

  6. For pocket booth. can you print them out on your own? So its exactly like an actual photo booth.

  7. Does it have an option to print automatically?

  8. Cool booth!!

  9. good video thx for sharing

  10. hello I want to know if you know about an app that it can print directly and with the name of the event like,
    Anna's bridal shower 2016
    Alexia's party 2016
    something like that

  11. проалвапромслывшганправокерпомваогнрпоавулкевр vgfdhjfrytghfjvkdifuyghjv

  12. Great video but I can't seem to find the video for the stand and led light. can you put up a link to it. Thank you..

  13. +JoeGowac Within 3 feet or less it works fine.

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