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Disneyland Update 10.19.13 Pt. 2 | DAS Kiosk [HD]

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20 thoughts on “Disneyland Update 10.19.13 Pt. 2 | DAS Kiosk [HD]

  1. Is this the 1st sighting on Fresh Baked of the current Hatter?

  2. This may have been asked before, do they ever run two trolleys on main street anymore?

  3. I like the new DAS Kiosk system. My nephew uses it for his Autism and we can get a lot more done without him getting frustrated and loud while standing in a long line. It also stops people from abusing the way the old system worked. The only thing now is that I see a lot more wheel chairs roaming around the park.

  4. They only release 6 weeks of a schedule to the public so you're gonna have to wait and see when it is.

  5. Awwww!!!

  6. Ninja Turtles? In the park?

  7. Be on the lookout for the ninja turtles in December fresh baked!

  8. I got engaged at snow whites wishing well! My wish came true!

  9. I have not, no.

  10. I don't know when it will be done, but the store is still open. The refurb work is being done on the facade only.

  11. That's part of the show actually. The band comes out, then the characters come out and run around and act silly. Then they leave, but the Mickey and the Disneyland band stay behind to do a song along with the commemorative speech. Then Mickey and the band walk down main street.

  12. I don't know if it's wrong, but it was strange. It's not typical, that's for sure. I'll find out about the costume thing, but I believe it's always been ok for CM's to wear them off site, but not the name badge.

  13. DAS is pretty much fast pass, but it's for every ride in the park. Actual fast passes are available only for a couple of rides in each land.

  14. That's a show they do on the weekends with all of the Disney characters and the Disneyland band. It's a great show. I've got video of it somewhere, but I think I'll be doing a special feature on it this coming weekend.

  15. I want it back too 🙁

  16. do you know when the Penny arcade and candy palace refurb be done? i'm coming dec. 1

  17. did you mention the color of the greenish paint used in Disneyland? or was it another you tuber?

  18. I feel like the characters should pay respect when Walt Disney is saying the opening speech, at least a little…it was weird to have it in the background and nobody paying attention.
    And Mickey with the Disneyland band…priceless

  19. Hey Mariah, who is they? The physically disabled? The visually impaired? Parents with autistic children? Is that who you define as "they"?

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