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12 thoughts on “Destiny – NEW TOWER KIOSK!

  1. There go Bungie with that outrageous ass armor stats.

  2. lol console i was one mate i love your vids

  3. 500 chest piece? In 2015? On ps4? What black magic hacking are you doing boi. I know you can't get to 500 even in the new dlc

  4. 2016 XD

  5. How do u get so rich?!?!

  6. I must be a bit dense how do I get the "Discovery" piece from the Kiosk I would be greatful for any information

  7. How did he get 400 defense items

  8. I wanna play destiny with you, your awesome!

  9. you're always surrounded because you're a YouTuber

  10. : ):-) 🙂

  11. : ):-) 🙂

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