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Destiny: NEW KIOSK In the Tower ( MASKS ARE BACK! )

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  1. Kiosk

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10 thoughts on “Destiny: NEW KIOSK In the Tower ( MASKS ARE BACK! )

  1. shut up your videos suck

  2. as alwasy its lies after lies wats t point grind t game if u have t option to buy later on seriously maybe its just me but bungie is fuof bullshit nowadays at least recon meant something in halo 3 rrip destiny rip bungie enough is enough even for a hardcore follower im sad

  3. btw find another job

  4. wat is this t vault sulozion? fk lame rip destiny fk me n my 5k hours fot t toilet

  5. so can I get the blue flaming skull? I didn't get it last year

  6. also new ornaments as well for weapons

  7. Thanks for the video! Glad they did this bc the maskes took up alot of space

  8. This is soo bad, i had crota mask but it wont let me get it

  9. Thank you for the Video

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