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Destiny – How to find all the Exotic Weapons

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14 thoughts on “Destiny – How to find all the Exotic Weapons

  1. i have been getting into destiny. right now I’m a level 23. But i still have 2 questions i can’t figure out. 1) what do you have to do to open up new missions and new worlds? 2). how can i find mars and venus?

  2. i got 30 toc from xur and used 5. still no exotics. just a dupe

  3. my first exotic was ZEN METOR

  4. Went through VoG on hard, got Vex Mythoclast first time!

  5. Whoa I'm from the future

  6. wish I could play vanilla fresh again. wonder if they will ever do that like RuneScape did.

  7. I miss year one…

  8. what about rise of iron

  9. Fantastic channel, i will check back

  10. Are these exotics just for lvl 20 people

  11. suprisingly got my hawkmoon from crucble with no three of coins

  12. Who's zeu?

  13. I don't have friends

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