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Destiny: BEST VENDOR ROLLS! (March 28 – April 4) Age of Triumph

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19 thoughts on “Destiny: BEST VENDOR ROLLS! (March 28 – April 4) Age of Triumph

  1. Again, sorry I'm late! Future videos in this series will be much closer to Tuesday!

    Thanks to everyone who continues to support these videos! You guys are the best 🙂

  2. I used Gjallahorn to kill crota this week, then got a baby gally with tracking+cluster bombs from him 😀

  3. Awesome video

  4. I have a unto dust with the same perks but I have tracking not grenades and horse shoes

  5. I don't know if Xbox and ps4 share vendor rolls each week or not. just in case they don't, anyone on Xbox should check out the event horizon roll this week. underdog, snapshot and hidden hand for PvP and for pve, you can switch from underdog to perfectionist. (it also has the option of explosive rounds if that's your kind of thing).

  6. New Monarchy only gets dope side arm?! Favorite Faction, least favorite vendor weapon perks… 🙁

  7. This video was very helpful. Thanks Rick!

  8. Bringing a big ass magic greatsword to a sidearm fight.

  9. Can you put the guns in the description?

  10. Parthian Shot is awesome.. I picked it up, prior to AOT dropping. I don't know about god roll, but mine has Rodeo, Perfect Balance/Rifled Barrel & Headseeker.. This thing's like a laser.. if I get the 1st shot off, you can forget it haha

  11. I got field scout, tripod and tracking on one of my rocket launchers

  12. It's MAG not meg…

  13. It's all about the extended megs.. lmao, great video Kackis!

  14. I haven't played in a long time and forgot what's the best way to get marks. Please help.

  15. great vid

  16. Hunger of Crota is actually beautiful

  17. Id recommend not doing random clips that arent relevant to the info, maybe if theres a god roll or two try and buy and show them off. Just a suggestion. I personally really liked the Free Will III from New Monarchy (exp rounds, outlaw, rangefinder)

  18. Just wanted to say thanks for making some great videos! I always come to your channel when I need to know whatever destiny! keep up the good work! also congrats on 400k man you deserve it!!

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