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Design an KIOSK (HMI most important sum)

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7 thoughts on “Design an KIOSK (HMI most important sum)

  1. aap to gyani ho, antaryami ho, shaktiman ho, budhiman ho, balki mein to kehta hun aap toh purush hi nahi… mahapurush ho!
    Thanks alot bhai. You're doing a commendable job. All the best for the future.

  2. ahem where did you find the first destination of the bus kiosk ?

  3. your videos are good and very useful just make sure that the audio is not too low, last moment me avajh bohot rehta hain 🙂

  4. good work…

  5. Bhai PDS subject ka bhi banalo
    Kuch rhega toh 🙂

  6. why you don't give credit toppers solution ?? chori karna galat hai bhai…

  7. Bhaaiiii aaj aapne zindagi baccha li !!!! Thank you so much my friend !!!!! Thank you for the tutorials and for your notes !!!! 🙂 Great video

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