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Customs & Border Protection – Entering the U.S.

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16 thoughts on “Customs & Border Protection – Entering the U.S.

  1. I'm an Irish citizen, it's 4am here and I have absolutely no wishes to visit USA nor have I ever. But wow, the customs officers sure seem to make it as difficult as possible to enter the country and the taking of biometric data just to enter the country? Wtf!

  2. Wow… Meanwhile at our airports you just show your passport and walk through quickly.
    I don't see the point in this when you're going to be going through customs at the other end.

  3. If you're coming back from overseas, use 2-factor authentication, encrypt files using Threefish1024 or AES256 algorithms (minimum…or SHACAL-2) – these are the most secure cyphers and they WILL NEVER break them at the airport or in a lab, and only comply with requests that are legal. The Trump Administration has emboldened CBP to ignore legal practices…they're basically trying stuff Obama would never have let them get away with. Play safe out there, kids. Have a burner phone to call the ACLU in case they confiscate yours, encrypt your files and don't help them gain access (as mentioned), and, most importantly, if they order you to do something that they'd otherwise need court permission for, don't cooperate. The only way we keep this Administration in check is by disobeying them when they're doing their job wrong.

  4. Welcome to the JEWNITED STATES!

  5. All countries should impose visas on americans NOW!

  6. They're trying to paint a pretty picture here. Really.

  7. true dear

  8. fingerprints and picture? WTF? I have passport legally issued i dont want to give my fingerprints to agency of other country. IF this was asked of me to do it in any Europian airport i would sure refuse. This looks like dictatorship to me.

  9. I have the ESTA, as a Spanish citizen. Now, do I need to undergo any interview at the local Embassy? Is it enough to travel with the ESTA? Will I be granted the visa at the (airport) border?

  10. my boyfriend OVERSTAYED in Singapore. He even wants to escape through immigrantion. He refuses to confess . HELP. he's stuck there. NO JOKE

  11. I'll be using the new Mobile Passport App

  12. How do I avoid a sharp and degrading interrogation in the back room at Customs & Border Protection as a foreigner? Why are the strange questions in this back room then posed by uneducated employees who can not understand the answers? Why, for example, are travelers with dark hair selected and treated as criminals?

  13. not under Trump's watch

  14. Tom Hanks?

  15. Do they ask those questions even for the Green card owners? or Green card owners get same treatment with the U.S citizens?

  16. Can i go to passport control together with my granddad?

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