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Custom Coffee Bar Build

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15 thoughts on “Custom Coffee Bar Build

  1. can you please tell me exactly the length and the thickness of the wood and how many pieces of wood to build it?

  2. Fantastic quality

  3. Adorei o trabalho top sucesso e continue c os vídeos . Alê Prado

  4. where can i buy this

  5. Me encanto!

  6. Show …very good project !

  7. Man Connor McGregor is multi talented

  8. do you have more pics of the bar intrested in seeing more

  9. Beautiful build and a great video as well! Gotta love JRE 😉

  10. Any change you have some dimensions or a rough drawing of your design?

  11. Thumbs up for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast!

  12. I’ll put this on my list after I finish this really cool project I found in Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible, as seen on his website. Thanks for the video, bookmarked!

  13. Hey, nice video editing skills ! Not much subscribers on the channel, but make more videos of this quality and you'll have a lot more 😉

  14. where did you get the wood and the metal for the frame?

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