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Create an awesome photo booth easily using SLR Booth for Android

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19 thoughts on “Create an awesome photo booth easily using SLR Booth for Android

  1. can you elaborate on how to print with any DNP printer connected to the tablet with USB port? the app doesnt seems to see the printer and offer only google air or http://ftp..

  2. What works better, the eyefi sd card or the Nikon wifi adapter?

  3. can you drop a link for the cable that you connect the camera to the tablet with please?

  4. why does an android app require airprint to print…

  5. Hello,
    I like to thank you for your time on making this video. Im having a bit of a problem setting this up. I am using my Nikon D3000 with Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab A model with 6.0.1 version. When connected, my tablet has a white screen. It does sometime take picture with the 5 sec count down but it doesn't store any photo. Then it state ( Communication with camera was interrupted: Code CP-1 12) followed by ( Couldn't read information, error code "0x0000"). i have tried disconnecting and powering down all equipment but still the same error. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you

  6. can you use a mirror less dslr camera with slr booth app?

  7. can you use a mirror less dslr camera with slr booth app?

  8. Thanks for the clarification and prompt reply 🙂

  9. I must have missed something? After the purchase are there add-on fees, monthly fees or others? Thanks

  10. what kind of tablet clamp are you using?

  11. Do you need an internet connection at the event for this to run? thanks

  12. This app have some kind of country restrictions : / Cant download it !

  13. Love the video!
    How were you able to connect a mouse and also record the screen?
    I would like to project the app screen onto a much larger LCD per HDMI?

  14. Hi there, I currently bought a Logitech C930e for my photobooth.. I have a generic windows based tablet. Does your app support Windows??? Second, do I need to buy a Windows table with some sort of basic configuration in order for you app to work.

  15. can i get templates also add my logo overlays?

  16. Since there hasn't been a response yet from the SLR Booth team as to the type of clamp used, does anyone have a clue to the brand or model of that clamp/bracket I quiried a couple of weeks ago? I can't find one like it anywhere? Thanks Guys

  17. hai great app!, btw if i use Canon t6/1300d the hdmi port is still usable to connect to LED TV to extra monitor? thx b4

  18. Is it possible to have one tablet running the live view/ trigger and another that will display recent photos? Do you have any diagrams of how this may be possible?

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