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Crazy Mall Kiosk Salesman

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10 thoughts on “Crazy Mall Kiosk Salesman

  1. this was Grate!

  2. Darwinism. Something I actually know about. Tree of life. I guess kiosks are like life. Everything you do or say can Benicia or hurt you.

  3. Why doesn't mat walk any faster?

  4. The tales in the comments about the kiosk selling Dead Sea Salt Scrub make me wonder what in the world made them try to sell it in SALT Lake City, of all places? Coals to Newcastle, surely….

  5. There wasn't a cat before!

  6. That's no joke, those kiosk people are ruthless. XD THANK YOU FOR SHINING THE LIGHT OF TRUTH ON MY PAIN.

  7. hahah click on the box xDD thats like something i would do to one of my friend xDD bwhaahah

  8. one time, a mall kiosk lady was try to get me to buy makeup, but i had my heart set on the arcade, so when she asked "do you want to buy this foundation?" i literally blew a rasberry in her face, and ran away, while shouting "BYYYEEE!"

  9. Matt was the only one without a girlfriend

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