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10 thoughts on “Couchville

  1. How did you get people in and out of the couch?

  2. lol its yogurt

  3. Whitney reminds me of Queen Eleanor from Brave.

  4. Could this be for all couches? 'Checks nervously around couch' We should all probably just drop some explosives between the cushions just to be sure.

  5. Don't worry the strange pink substance was strawberry yogurt, that's why Matt didn't gag when he put it in his mouth.

  6. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

  7. You should make a 4th couchvill

  8. why dont they make a trade to get back the keys and wallit

  9. Any1 know HOW THE HECK!!!! THEY FIT

  10. great. now I have to check my couch for any civilization before sitting on it.

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