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Copying a key with the minuteKey kiosk at Walmart

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9 thoughts on “Copying a key with the minuteKey kiosk at Walmart

  1. wow didn't know it was so easy

  2. WARNING: Note that the keys in this vid have a lone groove down the side. If your key has a second groove down the side these machines will NOT be able to duplicate them. They'll go ahead and take your $2 per key, but their blanks only have the one groove and the resulting keys you get will likely not even fit into the slot, let alone turn.

  3. So with your key information and your credit card info in Walmart's electronic database, should make you feel safe (like Target hacked?)
    Ace Hardware, cheap fast local small business and even do electronic chip car keys ($70 Vs $200 at dealership)

  4. Now hackers not only can get your C.C. info, they have your address and keys to your house all in one swoop.
    The information age sure is great isn't it?

  5. Will these copy a "do not duplicate" key?

  6. I wonder if it does a trace copy or reads the depths and cuts to proper spec.

  7. Does this accept keys that only go in one way

  8. does this work on car keys

  9. damn my walmart doesn't have one

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