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Compuhost Karaoke Kiosk Demo

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4 thoughts on “Compuhost Karaoke Kiosk Demo

  1. Greetings! I've used CompuHost for about 1-1/2 vears and recently purchased v3 + Remote Request Module for a new Windows 10 computer (I wanted to keep my v2 without remote requests separate to avoid licencing confusion). The video you posted literally sold me on the concept of remote requests. I liked the idea of being able to use a kiosk and smartphones simultaneously. It functions perfectly through the internet router provided by my landlord. I have purchased my own Medialink wireless N-G-B router to use as a standalone for shows,… but am uncertain how to set it up. I know how to get into the router's setup using the Cat-5 cable, but am uncertain about the Default Gateway, etc. I don't want to confuse compuhost addresses with my landlords ISP… you get the picture. Any help in isolating the necessary IPv4 settings and applying them to router setup would be monumentally appreciated!

  2. I also use this and to get even simpler I use a qr code system and have them scan with their phones and it goes straight to my static ip address

  3. Be cool if you could ad your logo and some text for browser. This way it's more personalized.

  4. How does it handle mykjmedia service? Can it say song is available but needs to be unlocked? Possibly asking for a donation if it does?

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