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Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6

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12 thoughts on “Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6

  1. How to move the Apps in Virtual Kiosk of CIS 8?

  2. As far as I know a virtual system is separated from the main system. This is similar to when you run on your system a MAC, LINUX or  any other kind of operation system,  but for those you need a program for example the "Virtual Box". Here your host system is your windows and you can work with Comodo Kiosk without any other program, if you made a mistake or got a virus in your virtual system just turn it off and your problem disappeared (more or less). Windows with previous versions of Comodo were a little slower together, I hope this 6 version is faster a bit.

  3. hi.. when i install it.. online movie page block.. what should i do.. thanks

  4. AFairtogroungsurgery GAMESPREE might offend the right ones however might also might offend the wrong soldiers and civilians, No Offense meant just friendly advice. Now for Comodo 5 ***** Stars so far. the change on the desktop graphics blew me for a loop i was in hospital for 18 days in ICU came back and viola like french to me still trying to figure it out , Oh well i survived lebanon i can survive a new destop

  5. Marko81_85_Vet_AF
    We have kudos for 98% of your unique techniques recent changes are-pre informable info that was a suprise, off line for main computerchange when came back did not recognize hardly any of the new changes We obviously understand necessary changes just whas is va for combat surgery and in a way i'm sure you were. 5 Starsis what we give and you deserve 5 plus

  6. who do you work for?Mcafee,Norton?

  7. Will this version of Comodo also have web rep?

  8. No, it cannot.

  9. If a malware gets on comodo virtual kiosk. It won't harm the host machine?

  10. I've never used virtual desktop before, so can someone please explain to me about it? Will this be able to keep viruses and malware from being on your computer? Is there a way you can clean the virtual desktop of bugs if it gets any on it? How can you switch back to normal mode?

  11. Okay, thanks for your reply. I understand how the virtualization process can be beneficial. But, I still cannot quite understand the whole point in having the icons being moved around makes any sense. Please enlighten me on that aspect.
    PS. I have been a supporter and user of CIS since version 2.x so I am not questioning the superiority of what v.6 has or can do, I'm just trying to grasp the whole concept of this "kiosk". 🙂

  12. All I am asking for is some help in understanding what exactly does this do to benefit CIS? So far, I have not heard anything beneficial whatsoever.

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