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/code – Web Browser For Windows 10 IOT on Raspberry PI 2

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9 thoughts on “/code – Web Browser For Windows 10 IOT on Raspberry PI 2

  1. hallo
    does streamingservices like Netflix work well, and can you install silverlight for streaming services who use that?

  2. can i use raspbian??

  3. hey umm can windows 10 IOT do other programming language C#? like python?

  4. Thanks !!!

  5. Hi I want to do a webserver with Rapsberry pi 3 and windows IoT core my questios is,I need a Third-party software to setup a web server o the windows IoT is a web server itself ? because I need a server to host a web page and databe base that acces it from any pc and even access through android app, sorry for my bad english !! and thanks for the answer

  6. great tutorial man! 😀

  7. Thanks!!

  8. Thanks! Good lesson.

  9. Hi – do you know if you can install a flash player onto this (or another) browser, to enable iPlayer to work for example. I've not been able to do this, and so it only can play YouTube via HDML5 I think at the moment….

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