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ClearView mini (Transparent Touchscreen Controller)

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20 thoughts on “ClearView mini (Transparent Touchscreen Controller)

  1. Just seen it, thanks! Yes, I can see it requires a videoprojector below. Regards.

  2. Please check the product page in our website. It shows the entire setup. MusicComputing(DOT)com

  3. But the desk seen on it… has it to be projected through a projector that is not shown in the video (hidden below) ? If so, why don't you show it? Thank you in advance.

  4. We have transparent screens too, they are just not released yet. There are some issues with the technology itself and more development is needed. But the minute they are ready, we'll let everyone know.

  5. Shut Up and take my money 🙂

  6. Just touch and hold for a moment and the right click menu will pop up.

  7. The ClearVIEW is a transparent touchscreen controller. It is designed to be plugged into a computer for use. However, all of our music production stations do come with a DAW, which more robust than a sequencer. We ship with a full version of Studio One Pro, which is a professional software used to compose, sequence, record, mix and master complete songs.

  8. We are not sure what you are suggesting, can you please clarify?

  9. Yes…but it shows the image from your computer too.

  10. soo its almost like a smart bored.. ???

  11. Our online store will give you shipping cost.

  12. @maceoremy – You can contact us at salesATmusiccomputingDOTcom

  13. I want to discuss software capabilities, whats a good email?

  14. buy me one..

  15. @NoobFLProducer – Yes, you can order directly from us and we can ship it to your door.

  16. Much better than Ipad 3

  17. If we remade them in an 88-Key, they would be big and heavey and expensive. Then we are back to people saying they are too big, heavy and expensive to be used with a laptop. The ControlTOUCH is really a much better solution. It's more compact, does the same job, costs way less and is much lighter.

  18. unrelated question, but uh, what was the name of those keyboards you used to make that had a laptop space built in? and would you ever consider remaking them, in say, an 88 key version, with say, weighted keys?

  19. The ClearVIEW mini does not attach to a LCD, so there are no buttons to obstruct. The image is provided by the video projector.

  20. If the monitor is a TV, it should have a remote you can use. If it's a video monitor, usually when you set it, you never go back to change the picture. So most people just go into their power settings in the computer and set the monitor to turn off after non-use for 15min, 30mins, 1hour..etc… You can also use velcro instead of the double sided tape and it will give you just enough space to gently push the edge of the MotionCOMMAND to hit the on off button.

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