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ChromeOS Comes to Raspberry Pi ! Raspberry Pi 3 Review with Chromium OS

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19 thoughts on “ChromeOS Comes to Raspberry Pi ! Raspberry Pi 3 Review with Chromium OS

  1. the web site seems to be fake I have tried 3 or 4 different times and ways the is not a legitimate link for chromium os I keep being redirected to a pay site

  2. so it's basically shit. i mean, it's far from usable. how disappointing. i would have thought the pi 3 to be more powerful, but then again, its CPU is from 2012.

  3. Can you check this Pine A64 has Android & Android TV build for their board, can we install the same on RPi3???

  4. ChromiumOS now available on Raspberry pi 3. Please check There are releases with chromium r49 and chromium R55 available currently.

  5. Thank you for the video, but the website you mentioned,, is under construction since a long time.

  6. pls do a Windows 10 IoT core on raspberry pi 3 video

  7. More than four months later and your "project" website is still under construction. Probably an indicator as to the quality of the project.

  8. The amount of memory is not what is holding back the rPi 3 from rendering web videos quickly. It is the fact that through the JavaScript, it must software render. When you combine youtube-dl and omxplayer, the rPi 3 can play youtube vids at 1080p through its GPU with no problem. You can also get Chromium to run on raspbian, but I do not have a speed comparison with ChromeOS.

  9. This guys hair reminds me of the 90's.

  10. Good review! What keyboard did you use for the RPi3? Thanks!

  11. Went to Chromium OS for SBC download page, got confused by 2GB release, 8GB release, 16GB release. Why can't they do auto-shrink/expand like Raspbian?

  12. you make great videos

  13. Lon,
    I enjoy watching your reviews, the concept of computers in the hands of more students is great. We are actually going to beta test the pi 3 with multiple OS's to see which one will work the best. Work for an organization in Kenya which works with over 10,000 disadvantaged children from the slums, and I believe we are going to try and use pi's to get the children access to computers. Thanks for your great video's on products!

  14. I am glad that you have given some shine to these kinds of projects. I think this is such a great initiative. While I don't really trust Google as an entity, I can see the value in what projects on the open source side of things can do.

  15. Raspi 3 should have at least 2GB of RAM, I hope next gen will be 2GB+ . I have a chromebook which I upgraded with 6GB RAM and 128 GB ssd and it works superb, but chrome/mium os is a memory hogger hence the lag

  16. Hello greetings. I have a question you can install Android apps on Chromium OS . Thank you

  17. Thanks so much for the disclosure. A seemingly small (but important) thing that too many people in online media overlook.

  18. You can't over clock it.

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