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Burger Lad® and the McDonald’s Touch Screen Kiosk

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17 thoughts on “Burger Lad® and the McDonald’s Touch Screen Kiosk


  2. yep and proud fucking fag poof

  3. bent shot Burger queen

  4. nah u need them for the poofters down your way you look like a bender

  5. Where do you get the pervy sunglasses with recording camera in the middle to record girls in the street lol???

  6. does anybody know how this automation works ?

  7. the worst thing that ever happened to mcdonalds. so many fn disgusting peeps touch and swipe their fingers on it and then you are supposed to order on that bs touch screen and eat after….fn disgusting. and hey id wash my hands befr eating but so many peeps dont. fn ewwwwwww.

  8. Sun glasses indoors? Douche.

  9. Wow this guy a complete prick….. acts like a hard man!

  10. the only reasons people are against this are because
    1. loss of jobs
    2. you're old and are old fashion
    1. McDonalds makes alot more money.
    2. can't get sick.
    3. liability insurance goes down.
    4. can lie steal.
    5. won't spit in your food.
    6. no bad attitude.
    7. can't get hurt on job
    8. ordering get easier at least for millennials
    9. makes ordering less awkward.
    10. avoid deals with stupid people.
    11. if programmed properly won't make mistakes and will run 24/7 without smoke breaks or restroom breaks

  11. I think this is needed. at least one machine in every restaurant. so when u as the customer fuck up or get confused the McDonald's employees don't get blamed for your mistake. have to write this.
    just yesterday at work this Russian couple comes in with their son. they spoke English but not very well. they ordered him a kids meal then asked me if our shake machine was working. I said yes. the guy asked for (exact words) "2 medium vanillas" I ring up 2 medium vanilla shakes. he pays and I make his shakes. when I gave them to him he said what's this. I wanted to say a fucking shake ( I was exhausted yesterday) but he said he asked for ice-cream. he asked for shakes dammit. anyway my ma get refunded him his money she made them 2 plain sundaes and he said that were supposed to be Carmel. Like WTF. McDonald's worked are dumb. it's these slow ass people who can't order correctly. we don't need $15/hr but hey u think 10 is good to have to deal with stupid ass people who simply can't tell u what they want to eat.

  12. One issue is that you can only pay using a card – I always pay by cash and when confronted by these in a store I went to the counter and promptly was ignored by all of the staff who were busy looking at a computer screen not the counter. I complained about the poor service, and how the touch-screen does not work for cash, and was met by a rude comment so I left. I may use Macdonalds drive through if I am in a pinch, but I will never set foot in a restaurant again.

  13. This will be easier than trying to order over the counter at some locations.

  14. will this be in the drive threw also if not im only using the drive threw there trained to now there job im not they should just make 400 bugers every 4 hours and just have them in vending maishins this shit sux

  15. now u just need those at your table and noomatic toobs for food devivey

  16. Keep raising the minimum wage if you want to see these things sooner in the United States.

  17. Get ready for longer lines while people just take their sweet ass time ordering a fucking burger their fucking way.

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