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BQLive – Ep: 1 Pricing Garments for Your DTG Business

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2 thoughts on “BQLive – Ep: 1 Pricing Garments for Your DTG Business

  1. Very nice and informative guys. the exact thoughts were going through my mind when started the business, screen printing or heat transfer, how to manage the pricing, should get into a pricing wars. We pretty much reached the same conclusions as you did. I believe you guys are doing a great job, for now we are sticking with heat transfer and Neenah.
    We were very interested in DTG, but decided against it as the current scale of business does not allow us to start DTG. Although planning to convert L1800 to a DTG, not the ideal machine but just want to test the waters first before taking in a dive.

  2. Really good info guys. Keep up the good work. I'll stay tuned in.

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