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ATTACK OF THE KIOSK (Krogzilla #3)

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20 thoughts on “ATTACK OF THE KIOSK (Krogzilla #3)

  1. This is a shoke

  2. This is smosh cartoon definitely for kids

  3. its Bojack Horseman but poor in animation and story.

  4. I love the theme song!

  5. WTF IS JEFF?!?

  6. why is every title in caps?

  7. krog sounds like steve carrell

  8. the theme song is so catchy ! I replayed it 5 times

  9. I love it

  10. 2nd best intro ever (politicats is a bit better)

  11. Jeff you scare me

  12. i love watching SHUT UP cartoons thx smosh ^_^

  13. Heweeee!

  14. Best cartoon ever please season 2


  16. So this is a really good cartoon!

  17. I like adventure time.

  18. completly true but you forgot the simpsons

  19. Oishi!!!!!!!!!

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