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ATM | How It’s Made

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18 thoughts on “ATM | How It’s Made

  1. I love how this one has both audio channels. Look at the new ones.

  2. What do they serve on Ryanair? Hardtack and swill?

  3. Good…very convenient ….go for universal upgradation

  4. 2:40am, tired as hell, watching videos about how hammers and ATMs are made. What the hell am I doing with my life…

  5. Anybody professionals wanting to break into a ATM machine now have an idea on how they could get inside one 🙂

  6. I can't understand any of this !

  7. ATM machines brake so easily. My dad is an ATM technician and leaves the house every day to fix them.

  8. Suresh Raj

  9. This will come in handy dismantling the one that I just stole! 😉

  10. She forgot her CC 🙂

  11. why are they broken all the time

  12. Half of the viewers are here to see how they can best attack an ATM

  13. I've seen cash withdrawal machines and cash accept machines, but never both on the same machine. And did I hear that they accept cheques? That's pretty advanced though, but someone has to verify the cheque for erasures.

  14. That is amazing machinery, in my opinion.

  15. this is boring

  16. Interessante, sou técnico da Diebold e trabalhamos com ATM AFD, muito gostoso trabalhar com essas máquina, Wincor interessante essa ATM tbm.

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