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Atari Jaguar Kiosk with Arcade Controls and Rotary Spinner

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11 thoughts on “Atari Jaguar Kiosk with Arcade Controls and Rotary Spinner

  1. I would like to use the rotary dial to play Doom and Aliens. The D-pad seems to pivot the world under you anyways, so use the dial to steer, buttons to go forward/backward, and the shoulder buttons to fire. I'm not sure if either game would support such a setup, but it would beat using a stock pad for sure.

  2. Ah……Tempest 2000……My favorite Jaguar game.

  3. A 6 button stick would be good for Fight for Life too. Just didn't think of it at the time, unfortunately. No way I could possibly start selling these things – they take forever for me to build and my time is pretty limited these days.

  4. Why not make a 6 button stick for Primal Rage? Wanna sell it? I'd pay for you to make me one.

  5. Ha! Definitely not a genius, just a lot of messing around with these kind of things over the years. Makes for a good hobby.

  6. dude awesome video. You are practically a genius to get that working right

  7. @mayamanign Hey man – not sure why but I never got a notification about your last post. I can help if you need but most of the info and parts that I uses are in the description of the video. Let me know if you need anything specific and I'll try to help.

  8. guess not

  9. Do you think you could help me with my Jaguar project. I'm converting a 15th Anniversary Street Fighter arcade stick for use with Tempest 2000 on both the Jaguar and on my Hyperspin machine when it gets here. Can you help me put the controller together? I've bought an arcade tempest spinner off Ebay. Much thanks

  10. @leechapman76 Also, I put the Happ info in the description of the video too.

  11. @leechapman76 I bought the parts I'm using years ago, but they were from Happ Controls (now Suzo-Happ, apparently). Here's their site: – pretty sure I used a Competition joystick and competition pushbuttons. Good luck!

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