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Atari Home Computers – Kiosk Presentation (Part 1, 1982)

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13 thoughts on “Atari Home Computers – Kiosk Presentation (Part 1, 1982)

  1. impressive for 1980 but laughable today with my phone has more processing power

  2. Ernie Hudson? The Ghostbuster? Nah! That's not him! Is it? I know this commercial is really old but that doesn't look like him.

  3. I remember those days like it was yesterday! We were an Atari dealer from the beginning right up to the ST line and even carried the Atari Lynx. There's an innocence to those years and it's fun to look back on the technology that had a part in bringing us to the present day. Now, there is a generation growing up that will never share that nostalgic appreciation, and doesn't know a world before the Internet. Thanks for making this video available!

  4. 1:54 Well, of course it's not Beethoven – it's Scott Joplin!

  5. Cportet

  6. Go ahead…press 'M'…I dare ya.

  7. My tiNSPIRE calculator is 4000x better than this lmao

  8. @NiTRoGLLYCERiN of course Dr. Cooper but I'm sure you know the reference I was making 🙂

  9. @Core2duoMac Well then again thats ridiculous. You would wait a million years for an atari running a PC emulator running vista to even boot up.

  10. @Core2duoMac well you didnt have to worry about spyware. The term program was the perfect antidote.

  11. where's part 2?

  12. I wish I had an atari home computer, then I could finally watch porn…

  13. @TeamRocketReviews 1 year ago, seriously?

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