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ATARI 2600 display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk collection tour

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8 thoughts on “ATARI 2600 display! Trade-N-Games Kiosk collection tour

  1. Truly an excellent video and collection!

    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos and bring back some early childhood memories as I remember (barely) those joysticks on the kiosk. The system was probably available at Toys R Us or Child's World in Yonkers, NY where I live. Computer and video gaming will NEVER be as fun as it was back in the day when these classic systems ruled the genre of video gaming.

  2. I just bought the controller panel. It looks slightly different, has the games listed on the control panel instead of those flip cards.

  3. Awesome, love your kiosks videos.

  4. The local Wal-Mart near me had it set up with a working 2600 and a game with the joysticks hooked up like you described, and kids would be lined up to play the Pac-Man demo. Great video, love the history of the kiosks!

  5. Very cool!  I loved seeing this.  I would think the cartridge slot would be selectable in some way?  Like selecting game 99 or something…

  6. Jesus Christ, that's amazing !

  7. Lot of fun see these!

  8. Thank you for always sharing these videos about kiosks! I never was able to enjoy these things as a kid so it's great to see you share them. Can't wait to see them in store! Looking forward to more videos!

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