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Apple 1984 Kiosk LaserDisc Part 1

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13 thoughts on “Apple 1984 Kiosk LaserDisc Part 1

  1. Funny that in 1983 PC drives were 10MB and in 1988 you could get 40-80MB. I remember in '90-91 getting my first 250MB drive and thinking "How will I ever fil this up" The video above is ~22-23MB, so I would have had a tough time downloading, let alone playing it.   Check out the Timeline of Hard Drives –

  2. Ah, the Apple Credit Card. Another symbol of a bygone era.

  3. Apple 1984 2014 think different change the world
    Apple 1984 2014 think different change the world


  5. We had an Apple IIc+ at home, used Apple III, IIg, in school. Later on the Mac Classics and LC series, Powermac 7500, Performa's.

  6. 10mb was alot back now we have 2 million x's the storage on something 5 x's smaller

  7. It was SO hard finding peripherals for Macs back in the day, and they were so much more expensive

  8. I guess apple kicked ass back then to !!! HA

  9. @mickeymoosf wow they were overpriced back then two.

  10. I want that harddisc drive…and I want it bad!

  11. The only limit to what it can do is how much money you have lol.

  12. @dantendo2 I still have mine from when I bought my IIsi – lol (the accounts aren't valid anymore I don't think…)

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