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Amazon Locker Delivery

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20 thoughts on “Amazon Locker Delivery

  1. Great! Now I can buy fleshlight sex toys without my parents knowing!

    0:17 I thought that was a fleshlight for a second.

  2. i chose amazon locker for shipping and it says the product is too big but I checked the size and weight requirements and it's small enough. so does that mean the location I chose doesn't have big enough lockers available at the moment?

  3. I feel sorry for Alex

  4. it's begins to show you, how to select an Amazon Locker at 1:34.

  5. LOL! Great video.

  6. Alex needs a new job.

  7. I. thought they suppose to leave a not or something saying they came by I stayed home and when I left it was always someone home no notice or nothing was left then I checked tracking and it said locker retrieve went there and there was no key the stupid post office worker act like she didn't know what the hell a locker was

  8. I never received my code

  9. Thanks amazon!

  10. This is so helpful 😀
    I am so happy you guys did this.
    Now i dont have to worry about having my mailman leave a package outside my house because my area that i live in seems like a place someone would just walk and steal my package when im not home.
    Thank you Amazon 😀

  11. good idea
    thats how i always sound when i call in
    yet they always leave the package and leave

  12. good idea

  13. Just used an Amazon locker near me today for a return. I had the refund by the time I got home.

  14. what if i'd like it delivered in a different country?

  15. Does anyone know how long delivery times are to a locker? Is it usual 3-5 days without prime, or do they ship it there same day?

  16. one 5 mins from me, cool.

  17. 1:09 If that happened to me I would grab his arm and yank it off and whisper:

    "Get. Your. Own. Shit."

  18. This is incredible, thanks Amazon.

  19. Least helpful instruction video ever brought to the surface of this shitty Earth!

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