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Algonquin Park – Kiosk 7 day Canoe Trip – Part II

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16 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Kiosk 7 day Canoe Trip – Part II

  1. Looks like a nice fresh, bug free, and uncrowded time to visit the park

  2. Nice vid.. keep your rod tip low when retrieving line and dont have go much slack ..this will help you set the hook. Hope that helps. Best Regards.

  3. did you guys check out the little island

  4. I did this trip around early 90's and there are no trout in Skuce!!  Myself and 3 buddies fished this lake for 2 days in May without a bite.  But you were close to some decent speckled trout fishing as we found out.  From Skuce to Little Nadine and up, and I mean up, to Little Osler and Osler.  This portage is called Heart Attack Hill for obvious reasons.  A man actually died on this portage.  At one point you can see Erables Lake.  Having started at least 1 interior trip from all 29 access points, your videos really bring back the good ole days to me with many memories, good and bad, about my tripping experiences throughout Algonquin Park, which just happens to be the GREATEST PARK IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!  I am at the point in the video when you are on Skuce Lake.  I know from Maple back to Kiosk is all down hill.  Tough loop for sure.  Where you went under the railroad bridge in Part 1, we had to portage over the tracks as the water was too high to go under the bridge.  Now that is a portage that you need to try at least once to appreciate the maintained portages throughout the Park.  The site you stayed on Club Lake with the old truck has certainly changed since I was there.  Did you happen to see the remains of an old building at the start of the portage from Club to Mink?  Calm waters for paddling and always camp in "bug free zones".  Bo Knows .

  5. Loving these videos! I had a great laugh with the chair tip and how your brother kept a straight face and cracked a joke hahahahha. Reminds me of good brother memories. I love the sit downs in your videos of you two relaxing and discussing the day etc over cigars. I agree I like it without music as nature makes her own.

  6. What type of chairs are those? I haven't been able to find a lighter option for a free standing chair than a mini camp stool. Also, were those stogies Partagas Serie D No 4?

  7. Great videos what camera are you using?

  8. Cool portage!!!!

  9. I don't understand why you passed some fish in the river and decided to try fishing in the lake. It's much better to fish in rivers

  10. steve is soft as butter 

  11. Great video…as I sit here in the midst of winter. It sure helps to get through the winter until we can trip again next summer. What kind of chairs are those and where did you purchase them? At 62 I have decided that a chair is probably a must…especially with the new knee replacement. 

  12. is that a blunt? great vidz

  13. The best lake for spearfishing!

  14. Thanks, I appreciate the comment and thank you for watching!

  15. I love the fact that you DIDN'T add music to this video! It's nice to hear the sounds of nature and it's unfortunate that some can't appreciate it, they don't understand what they're missing!

    Keep up the good work WITHOUT adding man-made music! (If i want music I'll search for music videos on YouTube)

  16. Where the music in this video it needed it and a whole lot more.

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