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Algonquin Park 7 day Canoe Trip from Kiosk – Part 1

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14 thoughts on “Algonquin Park 7 day Canoe Trip from Kiosk – Part 1

  1. Thanks for sharing your journey/trip. Best Regards from the United Kingdom…England/Sussex.

  2. Hi Larry,
    Big fan of your videos. I'm planning on doing a Kiosk loop this summer and was curious if you remember which campsite you stayed on at Club Lake? I noticed there is 1 site that seems rather secluded from the other two. Thanks for your help!

  3. Hey Larry I am wondering when was the trip? I see the video was uploaded on May 19Th . I am curious just because you had a black fly free trip? or close to it.. I want to head out in the spring of next year and I want to beat the flies.. My wife and I were going to head out on may 14 th threw the 22nd but I rescheduled it to the first week of Aug to the 11th. But that means more people and also no flies though when would the best times to head out there in the spring for good fishing before the bugs

  4. Where did you get that big blue dry pack? Was it supplied from an outfitter?

  5. beautiful place for canoe camping.

  6. Hi beautiful video. I like canoe trip I make it a tale soon. Thank you for the splendor of the landscape and sharing I subscribe. see you later

  7. 18 degrees and leafs on the trees , interesting.

  8. I like how Canadians say, "portage."

  9. Larry, I've watched a lot of your videos over the last few days and wanted to say great job! Really enjoyed them, and your brother is a character. Nice to see others enjoying a Cuban in the backcountry. This year a few buddies of mine and myself are planning a trip on the Tim River any advice on sites or places to checkout?

  10. what lake did you go too canoe lake 

  11. Thanks for cleaning up the sites that some slobs feel like they can just litter and ruin. Much respect as I was raised to always leave the place better then you found it whether that means cleaning up others trash or leaving extra firewood! Good on you guys 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing your adventure fellas. One of the best vid ive found to date. I look forward to sharing many more with you

  13. I see you have a camp pathfinder water bottle I'm going there tomorrow.

  14. Exactly which campsite were you on with the old pump and truck?  That'd really be something to check out when I'm passing through.
    Also, a word of advice: you should never arbitrarily move a campfire pit.  The Algonquin staff digs pits and fills them with sand, to ensure that there are no roots and so on beneath the spot.  I suspect the "sinkhole" you mentioned is due to that sand getting damp and expanding when it froze.  As the ice thawed in spring, there would still be space between the grains, allowing the soil to compress again.  Better to lay a flat rock or three under your fire for support, and help in the drying/settling process.
    On the whole, though, this was a great video!  Thanks for capturing the lovely scenery and sounds.  I also enjoyed the information about the portages.  One can look at a topographical map ahead of time, but nothing compares to first-hand descriptions.

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