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Air France Flight Experience: AF254 Singapore to Jakarta

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18 thoughts on “Air France Flight Experience: AF254 Singapore to Jakarta

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  2. so cool !

  3. Wow. Amazing and wonderful.
    But I don't want to boring the Air France.
    I want to boring the Asiana airline.
    And I want to go to the America.

  4. aku kira di first class

  5. aku kira di first class

  6. You think KLM and Air France which service is better?

  7. horrible Changi ..that carpet..dizzy..

  8. So the transit in Singapore is longer than the flight SIN-CGK itself? Just like KLM flying from Santiago (Chile) to Amsterdam, via Buenos Aires. The transit in Buenos Aires is like 2 hr 5 min, and the flight SCL-EZE is a little less than 2 hours.
    Great video, thanks for sharing!

  9. You seems to be rich, for always traveling hahaha

  10. Great video dude

  11. thanks japan airlines from japan transit to singapore and jakarta stay in ivan house gading nias dahlia 01 mc.

  12. Why did your 1 or 2 hour flight get a big plane and TV's And my 1 hour flight from Warsaw Poland back to Frankfurt Germany get all these A321's and B737-300's??

  13. Now AF 254 flies most of the time with the brand new Air France Cabin design and seats 🙂 

  14. So, who did you prefer? KLM or Air France?


  16. mautu ioapo air france flight experience af254 singapore to jakarta thonk you youtube videos goodday by now mautu ioapo in my loaptop compter thonk you 24.11.2014

  17. First time comer on your channel and I admit the video is quite awesome. 

  18. Thats surprising. I took the air france flight back to sg from cgk during the end of sept and received headphones. Was suppose to fly both sectors with AF but the outbound flight was cancelled due to internal reasons. But i would say its not that bad flying AF as an alternative to cgk from sin or vice versa other than garuda or sq which is a little pricey for this sector.

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