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Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop

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4 thoughts on “Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop

  1. I love this system!!!

  2. When you go to a normal bag drop the staff member gives you a sticker and sticks it to your boarding pass. I pressume this is some kind of a record of your bag in case it is lost. The machine doesn't give you one of these. Should it?

  3. so do you use online checkin, print your ticket at home then use the bag drop?

  4. Yes! I used the Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop recently, it was so easy and efficient! No queues at all, it takes a lot of stress out of flying. I made a video which is on my channel of an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to Marseille where I show how the Express Bag Drop works.

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