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A1 concepts Let’s Pizza

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12 thoughts on “A1 concepts Let’s Pizza

  1. from where i get this machine

  2. Anyone knows how does it taste? im assuming worse than a hand made pizza but for (im not sure whats the price), how is it? 😀

  3. Wow that's all I can really say technology is amazing. But let's be real, this machine got to be at least a half million easy

  4. I'm waiting for the inevitable Zoombini jokes….

  5. I can't seem to find a listing of machines anywhere. Where are you meant to find them?

  6. the pizza comes out like undercooked shit

  7. I'd rather have that girl

  8. Türkiyede bu yenilikle ilgilenmek isteyenler ortaklık vaya bilgi alışverişi için bana ulaşabilirler.

  9. Hey, what was the people in the 1700 worried about? huh? MACHINE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO HELP NOT MAKE IT BY ITSELF AND yo seriously that pizza looks disqusting… blah

  10. pizza sauce was spread its drizzled I wasnt even lol

  11. bank notes wtf

  12. omg dat woman is so beautifull =O

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