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A cell phone and static electricity

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14 thoughts on “A cell phone and static electricity

  1. im suprised the black people did not go into the store and rob it, since the clerk was out side.

  2. omg so FAKE

  3. thx for letting me now what not to do other whise i would maybe be dead for some years

  4. haha how dumb can you be, there is a white box with fire extinguisher and he runs around like a headless chicken

  5. Hahahaha

  6. what surprised me most about this video is that the black dudes weren't robbing the gas station

  7. Cell Phone (NO) and (?) Static Electricity (YES). Why put (AND)? It's just the Static Electricity.

  8. 1.) Cell phone rang
    2.) looking for phone in pocket
    3.) Rubbing hand/cellphone with pocket(fabric)
    4.) static charge built up on hand and phone
    5.) Touch pump handle (metal part)
    6.) Discharge of electric static charge
    7.) Gap between conductor
    8.) Spark
    9.) BOOM!

  9. The cell phone thing is a myth. It's static from clothes usually . Cell phone may cause an accident because your not concentrating on the thing your doing.

  10. тупорылая тварь…

  11. and my dad told me about this last week when I was using my phone, lord thank you this wasn't me

  12. It's the result of black magic.

  13. I think it is caused by the man lifting the pump handle while it still pumping gas, causing the handle to loose electrical contact with the car. When gas is still pumping it can cause buildup of static electricity thus gas is not electrical conductive. When lifting the handle it probably slightly touch metal of inside of filling pipe again, which cause a spark.

    It is important to stop the gas flow before lifting the handle to avoid static buildup. Tank trucks that fills gas station tanks always ground the entire vehicle because of this danger.

    There also are a possibility that he charging himself up with static potential while walking to and from the store. When he touch the car, the car body paint may be insulating and prevent him from potential equalization with the car, thus causing a potential big spark when touching metal on the gas pump handle.

    The cell phone has nothing to do with it unless it has a stun gun app installed and activated…

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