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2D-Postman Walter brings a Rare Nintendo Store Kiosk

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10 thoughts on “2D-Postman Walter brings a Rare Nintendo Store Kiosk

  1. Fantastic this is really a well written and executed film. Only question is why didn't Mr. Neighbor want some coffee? If you don't mind me saying, I'd say Mrs. VectexRoli is one of the nicest pieces in your collection 🙂 .

  2. This was very cleverly written. Great work man!

  3. Was the original main unit ever fixed?

  4. Very awesome kiosk, great video too lol.

  5. haha I love these videos

  6. Is Walter Shlor the REAL postman who brings you packages?

  7. What about an video where Mrs Roli secretly constructs a dungeon under the house and keeps the postman down there for 20 years?

  8. That was a funny video. great display also.

  9. Super gemacht. Auch der nette Nachbar bringt reichlich schauspielerisches Talent mit. Insofern schreit dieses Video geradezu nach einer Fortsetzung mit allen Beteiligten. Daumen hoch! Walter ist ohnehin schon längst Kult.

  10. Wow very cool store kiosk, especially the sign on the top. Also an entertaining episode like always. 😉 

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