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2 Point Perspective Drawing-Start Here

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16 thoughts on “2 Point Perspective Drawing-Start Here

  1. of course no explanation on how to measure

  2. Instructions not clear, got my penis stuck in a pineapple

  3. Hi! Thank you for this video! I have a question!!! If you were to draw a massive skyscraper, would the roof come down at a steeper line into the same vanishing points? I have an architect friend who does not agree with this. He does not agree that the higher lines converge into the same vanishing points. Let me ask you this question. If the earth was flat, and the sun was moving above us, would the sun appear to set at eye level regardless of how high it is? Or would it take longer to set depending on how higher it is? My architect friend says that it would only set if the angle between the sun and our eye in reality would get close to zero but I don't agree. I don't think perspective depends on the angle of our eye and the top of the ceiling or the sun in this case. I think vanishing points depend on our eye level or how high we are from the ground. Then all lines no matter how high they are would converge into the same vanishing points. And that means the higher the ceiling or the sun above our eye, the steeper of a line it will follow from our perspective into the vanishing points that are at our eye level.

  4. Nice. But tell me something: how is your scale (or ruler, if you prefer to call it) sticking to the board and not falling off when you leave it?

  5. what bullshit is this ?

  6. Very helpful! Thank you 🙂

  7. thank you for this :-/

  8. THanks You So Mutch 🙂

  9. Your vanishing points are too close together; It's forcing you to operate outside the cone of vision. Also if youre not going to use a third vanishing point below or above your objects try to keep your vertical lines vertical, or it's bot going to l be in perspective at all. This video should be called ,"How to draw lines to dots with a ruler" because its not perspective.

  10. Thank you so much, you made it so much easier to understand!

  11. you sound like Juila Roberts

  12. Sometimes, a vanishing point needs to be off the page. Do you have a tutorial on this?

  13. this was an inspiration to my life and i have now opened a gallery

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